Chemical Engineering

Catalytic formation of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene from 2-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene at fluorinated chromia: A study of reaction pathways
The catalytic gas phase reaction between CF3 CClCH2 with HF yielding CF3 CFCH2 was investigated regarding the reaction pathways involved. Different from the reaction under liquid phase (homogenous) conditions, in heterogeneous phase CF3 CClCH2 does not add HF forming the saturated intermediate CF3 CFClCH3 but undergoes direct Cl/F exchange at the starting olefin molecule resulting directly in t...

Electrochemical growth of platinum nanostructures for enhanced ethanol oxidation
The catalytic activation of polycrystalline platinum toward ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline environment has been obtained by a square wave potential treatment. A detailed analysis that explores the effect of the period of the square wave on the evolution of the catalytic properties of the Pt surface is reported. The catalytic behavior of the treated and untreated surfaces has been interpr...
Electro-oxidation of ethanol on ternary Pt–Sn–Ce/C catalysts
Ternary Pt–Sn–Ce/C catalysts were prepared by a modified formic acid method, and their activity for the ethanol oxidation reaction (EOR) was compared to that of Pt–Sn/C, Pt–Ce/C and Pt/C catalysts. No bulk alloy formation was detected by XRD analysis. XPS measurements indicated no segregation on the catalyst surface and the presence of Sn(0) and SnO x , Ce2O3 and CeO2 oxides. The onset ...

Multi-scale chemical characterization of a ground metallurgical-grade silicon powder
A ground silicon powder was chemically characterized at multiple scales to quantify and localize the impurities of metallurgical-grade silicon. These impurities play a major role in the Rochow synthesis used to convert silicon into the primary monomer for silicone polymers. Characterizations were conducted before and after grinding to investigate the impact of the comminution step on the distri...
ZnO/Bi2O3 nanowire composites as a new family of photocatalysts
Zinc–bismuth oxide–peroxide (ZnO∗ZnO2 ∗Bi2O3) nanorod-like particles were prepared for photocatalytic application by the thermal hydrolysis of a zinc–peroxyl-complex precursor. Bi3+ doping has a strong effect on the morphological structure of the resulting product: lower Bi3+ concentrations preferentially form nanorods, whereas higher Bi3+ concentrations preferentially form a flower-l...

ItN Nanovation receives order from Veolia for water filtration plant in Saudi Arabia
ItN Nanovation Ag of Saarbruecken, Germany – a nanotechnology company that develops water filtration systems for large industrial customers – has received a major order from Saudi Arabia.
Innovative membrane technology separates finely mixed oil and water
Researchers in the USA at Massachusetts Institute of Technology say they have developed membrane technology that can be used to separate highly mixed fine oil-spill residues. In their study, the scientists fabricated what is referred to as a hierarchical membrane – using the phase inversion process – that consists of a nanoporous separation skin-layer supported by an integrated microporous ...

Strain engineering” aids materials research
In the ongoing search for new materials for fuel cells, batteries, photovoltaics, separation membranes and electronic devices, one recent approach involves applying and managing stresses within known materials to give them dramatically different properties.
Dow and Veolia deliver UF technology for FPU in West Africa
Sustainable separation and purification technology company Dow Water Process Solutions (DW PS), a business unit of US-based Dow Chemical Co, reports that its ultrafiltration (UF) membrane technology is being used to treat sea water off the coast of the Republic of the Congo, which is required for reservoir injection.

EMD Millipore's EZ-Fit accelerates filtration process
Emd Millipore, the life sciences division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, has launched the EZ-Fit filtration unit – described as a ready-to-use, disposable filtration device for bioburden testing.
RWL's mobile water-treatment system helps nuclear energy industry
Rwl Water has been hired to supply 16 skid-mounted mobile water-treatment systems for Pooled Equipment Inventory Co (PEICo), a company dedicated to resolving common equipment and inventory-related problems in the nuclear electricity utility industry.

Gelatin manufacturer employs GEA Wiegand filtration plants
In Germany GEA Wiegand GmbH has received an order from a gelatin manufacturer for equipment to revamp an old evaporator and for a new direct steam-sterilisation unit.
Veolia installs wastewater plant in Windhoek, Namibia
Veolia Water Solutions Technologies South Africa (Pty) Ltd, part of the global Veolia Water Solutions Technologies group of companies, has executed the electrical design and mechanical installation of a R125-million Ujams industrial wastewater treatment system at a facility near the northern industrial zone of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.
ItN Nanovation develops and tests radium removal process
ItN Nanovation Ag of Saarbruecken, Germany, has developed and successfully tested what it says is an improved process for removing radium from contaminated drinking water.
Latest Ultipleat filter delivers unprecedented retention
Us filtration, separation and purification company Pall Corp used SEMICON West, which was held recently in San Francisco, California, usA, as an opportunity to introduce its new 5-nm rated Ultipleat G2 SP DR filter for aqueous wet etch and clean chemical applications.