PancPRO is a computer program that estimates the risk of pancreatic cancer for asymptomatic individuals based on a genetic model of susceptibility and the familial incidence of cancer. To evaluate the distribution of the familial risk in a series of incident cases of pancreatic adenocarcinoma. The lifetime risk of pancreatic cancer was calculated by PancPro for a hypothetical 4-year-old son of 57 consecutive probands with pancreatic cancer. The 57 risk values were included between 1% and 13%. The distribution was bimodal, with the antimode located at risk = 7.5%. Considering a 1-fold risk over the general population as a threshold for including a subject in a surveillance program, 19 families (3.3%) would be selected, totalling 92 first-degree relatives with age >4 years. PancPro is a valid instrument to rank families based on risk of pancreatic cancer.
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