High-Resolution Temporal Analysis Reveals a Functional Timeline for the Molecular Regulation of Cytokinesis
Davies et al. developed the Therminator, a device that can rapidly shift sample temperature while simultaneously allowing high-resolution live-cell imaging and analysis. By combining this with fast-acting temperature-sensitive mutations in the core cell division machinery, they define a functional molecular timeline for cytokinesis in the C. elegans zygote.

Roles for Pbp1 and Caloric Restriction in Genome and Lifespan Maintenance via Suppression of RNA-DNA Hybrids
Salvi et al. find that in yeast, noncoding RNA-DNA hybrids compromise genome stability and cellular lifespan. Such hybrids are repressed by the yeast ataxin-2 protein Pbp1 but stabilized by G quadruplex DNA. Caloric restriction limits hybrids directly via RNaseH and indirectly via the G quadruplex DNA helicase Pif1.
Long Noncoding RNA Modulates Alternative Splicing Regulators in Arabidopsis
Alternative splicing (AS) of pre-mRNA represents a major mechanism that underlies increased transcriptome and proteome complexity. Bardou et al. show in Arabidopsis that a long noncoding RNA interacts with splicing regulators nuclear speckle RNA-binding proteins to modulate AS patterns during the developmental transition of lateral root formation.

A Long Noncoding Way to Alternative Splicing in Plant Development
In this issue of Developmental Cell, Bardou et al. (2014) elucidate how long, highly structured noncoding RNAs control alternative splicing regulators that specifically mediate the action of the hormone auxin in the promotion of lateral root growth in Arabidopsis.
A Whiter Shade of Gray: HIF and Coordination of Angiogenesis with Postnatal Myelination
Oligodendrocyte precursor cells are the primary source of myelinating oligodendrocytes in the neonatal CNS. In a recent issue of Cell, Yuen and coworkers (2014) show that hypoxia-inducible factors and Wnt7a/7b act in developing white matter, promoting angiogenesis in anticipation of the metabolic demands of oligogenesis, before finally allowing precursor differentiation.

A Time and Place for Understanding Neural Stem Cell Specification
The regulation of neural stem cells is key to their use for repair. Reporting in this issue of Developmental Cell, Dirian et al. (2014) identify an adult neural stem cell population surprisingly distinct in Notch independence, lack of radial glia hallmarks, and late contribution to neurogenesis in a strikingly region-specific manner.
Sizing Up Lung Stem Cells
Mammalian lungs are comprised of conducting airways and alveoli. How the distinct epithelial linings of these two zones are differentially specified and maintained is not fully understood. In this issue of Developmental Cell, two groups find critical roles for the Hippo pathway in regulation of lung progenitor cell differentiation.

Mother Centrioles Do a Cartwheel to Produce Just One Daughter
In this issue of Developmental Cell, Fong et al. (2014) present evidence for a model of centriole duplication whereby the cartwheel—the starting building block in centriole biogenesis—assembles within the lumen of the mother centriole before templating the daughter centriole to ensure a single duplication event per cell cycle.
Genotoxic and haematological effect of commonly used fungicide on fish Clarias batracus
Application of synthetic pesticides is one of the methods used to increase agriculture production. Pesticides in agricultural runoff affect all the aquatic organisms. The result from this study reveals that mancozeb had some hematological and genotoxic effect on Clarias batracus. Fishes were exposed to sublethal concentrations (80% of LC50 of 24h) of mancozeb in terms of micronucleus assay and ...

Effect of Oxidatively Modified and Non-Modified Human Serum Albumin on Luminol-Dependent Chemiluminescence of Human Peripheral Blood Leukocytes Stimulated with Opsonized Zymosan
We studied the effects of native and oxidized human serum albumin on luminol-dependent chemiluminescence of human peripheral blood leukocytes stimulated with opsonized zymosan. Human serum albumin was added simultaneously with opsonized zymosan at the beginning of the chemiluminescent reaction. Otherwise, leukocytes were incubated with human serum albumin at 37°C for various periods before add...
Study of the Surface Architectonics of Human Erythrocytes by the Method of Scanning Electron Microscopy in the Presence of Doxycycline
The effects of doxycycline on the morphology and function of donor erythrocytes were studied by scanning electron microscopy. The antibiotic in concentrations of 7.8 × 10–5 and 7.8 × 10–6 mol/liter induced heterogeneous changes in the surface architectonics in the erythrocyte population. These data indicated stimulation of erythrocyte “aging” under the effect of doxycycline....

Development of Behavioral and Hormonal Disorders in Prenatally Stressed Female Rats on the Model of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
The dynamics of changes in behavioral and hormonal manifestations of a pathological state in mature female rats born by mothers exposed to daily restraint stress on days 15-19 of pregnancy were studied in the experimental model of posttraumatic stress disorder (stress–restress paradigm). Experiments demonstrated increased anxiety in control and prenatally stressed female rats after combined s...
The Relationship Between the Pro-Oxidant and Antioxidant System Status of Patients with Multiple Myeloma and the Disease Stage
Disturbances of the erythrocyte antioxidant system presented by LPO intensifi cation were detected in patients with multiple myeloma. Plasma concentrations of MDA in these patients were close to normal due to effective work of the nonenzymatic antioxidant system. Activities of antioxidant enzymes in the plasma were reduced, while catalase activity was high, and ceruloplasmin content did not dif...
Morphofunctional Analysis of the Prostate Exposed to Chemical Manufacture Factors
The structural characteristics of the prostate and the blood flow in the organ were studied in chemical plant workers suffering from chronic prostatitis. The prostate echostructure was characterized by vast zones of fibrosis and calcinosis, the hemodynamic ultrasonic parameters were low. Degenerative changes in the acinar structures and stromal fibrosis predominated in the biopsy specimens, the...
Suppression of Sulfoconjugation Reduces the Protective Effect of Ortho-Aminoazotoluene on Hepatocarcinogenesis Induced by Diethylnitrosamine in Mice
The effects of ortho-aminoazotoluene on carcinogenic activity of diethylnitrosamine were studied in CBA and ICR mice. Injection of ortho-aminoazotoluene before and after diethylnitrosamine led to a signifi cant reduction of its anticarcinogenic effect, judging from signifi - cantly lower level of liver tumors. Pentachlorophenol, inhibitor of sulfotransferase (catalyzing the terminal stage of or...